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We are passionate about wakeboarding at Aalborg Cable Park, and you can either buy a trial ride, book an event, or purchase a season pass and ride all year round.

SUP Board

We have 27 SUP boards available, which you can either book for an event, or you can become a member and go on a trip by yourself. You can also participate in our weekly SUP board events.


Is it cold? Then we have a sauna for 8 people that you can use when you're at the park. It can also be booked for events.

Changing rooms and showers

Efter dit besøg kan du benytte vores omklædningsfaciliteter til at få et varmt bad og tørt tøj på.


If you get hungry during your visit, you are welcome to use our gas grill freely.

Rental equipment

We have everything you need for a fun day on the water.

You just need to bring swimwear and a towel.


Store your board and wetsuit in the park, so you don't have to carry them back and forth.

You'll have your private space.


Aalborg Cable Park is a non-profit association located in Østre Havn, just east of the city center.

We are passionate about water sports activities, with a focus on wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is comparable to snowboarding, but on water.

The association has two cable systems. These cables serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to the speedboats traditionally used for wakeboarding and water skiing. Each cable is 180 meters long, and an operator controls the cable. There is always an instructor present, and the cable's speed is adjusted individually. We have been situated in Østre Havn since 2012.

First day free!

On your first day of membership, you can freely use all the park's facilities!

We look forward to seeing you at the park!

Opening Hours

Peak Season

Jun. - Jul. - Aug.

Low Season

Apr. - Maj - Sep.



Valid from the. 1/4/23 - 28/3/24 

Membership 300 kr

We would love for you to become a member. On your first day of membership, you can freely use all our facilities.


Obstacle board

Day - 50 kr.

Month - 200 kr.

storage of personal equipment

Boardhotel     - 500 kr. - 1. apr. - 30. nov.

Board incl. wet suit 

Only wet suit - 200 kr

ca. 15 cm hanger bar

*Storage of board and wetsuit requires a key which costs DKK 110.


Day Pass - 200 kr.

Monthly Pass - 700 kr.

End Of Season Pass - 1.000 kr.


Season Pass - 500 Kr. 

Valid for both SUP and Sauna

*Juniors under the age of 18 get a 50% discount on all cards * All cards require membership



Come and try


test drive (8 min) - 150 kr.

SUP board

Daily rent (2 hours) - 200 kr.


Event per hour - 1.500 kr.

1-7 person


1 hour (8 person) - 900 kr.

SUP board

Event per hour - 1.500 kr.

1-10 person


Gift cards for Aalborg Cable Park are the best gift

you can give!

With a gift card you can buy any product in our webshop. So please your girlfriend, a family member or a friend with a gift card for North Jutland's funnest playground.


You decide the price yourself

Events in Aalborg Cable Park

We are experts in creating events tailored to you - so book one today.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event for 100 people or simply want to send the bride/groom out on the water for a bachelor/bachelorette party, we can always find the right solution for you. So, either book one of our standard packages or get in touch with us to find the perfect solution for you. We're always ready to help!

We have three types of events:


With a wakeboard arrangement, you'll have the cable all to yourself and an experienced instructor who can assist you, whether you've tried it before or you're a beginner.

Approximately 6-7 people can go through in an hour.

When you book an arrangement, all equipment is included. You just need to bring swimwear and a towel.

SUP board

When you book a SUP board arrangement, we provide one of our skilled instructors. The instructor can take you on a tour of the Limfjord or organize fun games like SUP dodgeball.

We have 26 SUP boards, so you can bring along 26 of your friends.


We have a wonderful sauna in the park that you can book with a sauna master who will bring various scents into the sauna.

You can also simply use the sauna without scents if you prefer.

Larger Events

If you wish to hold an event outside of our regular opening hours or a large event using both cables, please send an email to booking@aalborgcablepark.dk.

We have organized events with over 500 people, so we can also find a solution that suits you!


We are primarily operated by volunteers who love water activities, so we would be happy if you could spend some time reading the frequently asked questions. That way, we can do what we love most - being at Aal...

When is it open?

What does it cost?

It costs 300 DKK to become a member.

Additionally, you need to purchase a day pass, monthly pass, or season pass to use the wakeboard, SUP, and our sauna.

A trial ride costs 150 DKK.

Can a monthly pass be upgraded to a season pass?

Yes, if you have purchased a monthly pass, you can upgrade to a season pass and only pay the difference. This can also be done from a day pass to a monthly pass.

How does it work with instructors?

During the park's official opening hours, there will be 1-2 crew members on duty. They assist in providing you with an introduction to the park, locating the right equipment, and then giving you a good introduction to how to start wakeboarding or using a SUP board.

*If the crew is busy, there are often other members in the park who can guide and answer questions.

What should I bring?

To ensure the best experience for yourself, we recommend bringing swimwear and a towel. During the colder months, it's also recommended to bring gloves and warm socks, as well as extra warm clothing to warm up after a cold dip. There are changing rooms with showers and hot water. It's free to borrow equipment when you're a member or when you purchase a trial ride or participate in an event. This includes a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, and board.

Is there a long wait for the cable today?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that. You are always welcome to come to the park and join the queue.

It's not possible to reserve time on the cable in advance. On warm sunny days, there are often many people present.

Where can I check if the cable is booked?

You can do that by checking the calendar using the button below.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by visiting our booking page and purchasing a membership.

Please note: You need to create an account to purchase a membership, and only one membership can be bought per user.

What does a membership entail?

There are many benefits to being a member of Aalborg Cable Park: Check out the membership benefits here.

Free equipment rental at the park (wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, and wakeboard)
Use of bathing facilities
Annual trip to a trampoline center (winter season)
Annual member trip to another wakeboard park
Thursdays when the cable is reserved exclusively for members
Possibility to bring a friend and try on selected days
Access to the AACP Facebook group where you can see if the park opens outside official hours
A strong community with grilling, sauna, and numerous fun events

When is there training? - To be updated...

What does Member's Day mean?

There is a Member's Day every Thursday, where the park is open exclusively for club members. This means no trial rides. Sometimes there are arrangements for members, ranging from Toast Thursday where toast is served, to training Thursdays with a focus on practicing a specific trick, or something big like Carnival Wake and our famous 'Can You Wake It' event.

Where can I park?

There is paid parking in the parking garage next to Meny on Østre Havnegade.

What does a trial ride entail?

A trial ride takes about 8 minutes. The price includes rental of all necessary equipment. An instructor will help you find suitable equipment and instruct you on land and in the water.

What does it cost to rent a SUP board?

It costs 300 DKK to become a member. Additionally, you need to pay 500 DKK for unlimited access to SUP boards for the rest of the season if you haven't purchased access to the cable. Otherwise, it costs 200 DKK for two hours.

Can I book a certain number of SUP boards at a specific time?

Yes, you can do that through our booking page. If you want an instructor with you, you need to book an arrangement on our booking page as well.

How can I use the sauna?

The sauna is only accessible if you have access to wakeboarding through a day pass, monthly pass, season pass, or a SUP/sauna pass.

Can I become a member solely to use the sauna?

Yes, you can, but it requires a membership and at least an additional purchase of a SUP/sauna pass.

How do I book a Greenkayak?

Through the Greenkayak website: https://bookings.greenkayak.org

How long can one paddle in the kayak?

The kayak is booked through the Greenkayak website, where you can also find all the information.

How old do you have to be to try?

As a general guideline, we say 10 years old. Younger children can still try if parents/guardians deem it a good idea and the child has enough strength to hold onto the cable. The child must also be able to fit the required safety equipment (life jacket and helmet).

Can we consume alcohol?

Alcohol can be enjoyed at Aalborg Cable Park, but you should not be visibly drunk while wakeboarding. Therefore, we recommend saving most drinks for after your water session. Your instructor can deny access to the cable at any time if it's deemed irresponsible. In such cases, you won't receive a refund for the event.

Can we use the grill?

Yes, you can. Just ask your instructor, who can help you light it up.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes, you can. All food must be brought by yourselves. However, it's possible to buy drinks at Aalborg Cable Park (you need to be a member and over 18 to buy alcohol at the club!). If you don't want to bring your own food, there are nearby options like Meny and various fast-food places close to the park.

Can we jump from the diving board?

Yes, at your own risk.

Event FAQ

Can the bride/groom wear costumes?

Yes, but wearing a life jacket and helmet is still mandatory.


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